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Heating And Air Conditioning

Heating and Air Conditioning Installation in Surrey, Langley and other Vancouver Neighbourhoods

At Moore and Russell we are specialists in fast, efficient and top quality Heating and Air Conditioning installations in Surrey, Langley, and more! 

  • high efficiency furnaces
  • forced air furnaces
  • heat pumps
  • water pumps
  • water heaters
  • central air conditioners
  • ductless split air conditioners
  • zoned HVAC systems, and
  • all other types of HVAC equipment and systems.
We have been working in the HVAC industry for more than half a century and over the years have created and installed customized heating and air conditioning systems to keep your residential, commercial and industrial premises comfortable inside - no matter what the weather is doing outside!

Nowadays there is a wide variety of different heating and air conditioning systems available and it is important to discuss all the possibilities with knowledgeable HVAC experts before electing on the system that bests suits you and your needs.

Our trained, qualified and experience personnel will be pleased to assist with this and to provide you with full details about the pros and cons of any new system you have in mind.

However, the one shared great benefit of all new, modern systems is that they are optimized to save energy and money – so although you have to pay upfront for equipment and installation, ultimately over time you will vastly reap the rewards in the form of much lower heating and cooling costs, and significantly reduced utility bills.

Financing your new system

We understand that it is not always easy to cope with the unexpected expense of having to install a new HVAC system. This is why we have taken steps to assist you in arranging fast, flexible and affordable financing so that you can spread the costs of paying for your new HVAC system over as much as 12 years, with low monthly or one-off payments depending on what you prefer. SNAP is the consumer-friendly way to an open loan to pay for your home improvements – go to Snap-finance to find out more.

Which new Heating and Air Conditioning systems do we recommend?

In our 50 years working in this industry, we have probably installed just about every reputable HVAC system to have come out on the Canadian market.

That being said, we always recommend Lennox heating and cooling systems because we know their products to be reliable, durable, cost efficient to run and guaranteed to give years of flawless performance and trouble-free service.

Regardess of which make and model you choose, the new heating and cooling systems installed by our trained, licensed and experienced HVAC personnel are fully covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and a third party labour warranty for your additional peace of mind.

And on a personal level we are also fully committed to giving complete customer satisfaction and if your newly-installed HVAC system does not perform as expected we will return and recalibrate it until you get the level of heating and cooling comfort you are looking for.

How the Moore and Russell HVAC installation process works

1      Telephone (604) 526-8155 or e-mail us at info@mrheating.com to set up a complimentary, in-home appointment where one of our customer service Comfort Advisor staff will visit your premises and discuss your HVAC needs.

2      Our Comfort Advisors are well acquainted with the full range of HVAC products we offer and will be able to point you in the direction of those systems that can cost-effectively provide you with the level of heating and cooling you prefer. All our in-home estimates are free-of-charge and without obligation!

3      Once you have selected your HVAC system we will schedule a date convenient to you when our heating and cooling technicians can come to carry out your installation.

4      On the day of installation our Moore and Russell technicians will arrive on time, will identify themselves, and then review with you the agreed plans for your new HVAC system.

5      We will do everything we can to accommodate any changes you may choose to make on the job.

6      Prior to starting work, we will cover your floor surfaces with drop sheets to protect your home from construction fragments and dust.

7      On completing your HVAC installation, we will remove all traces of dust and debris and will clean up our work area.

8      We will start up your new heating and cooling system and fully test it in front of you so that you can be sure that it is operating properly and to your complete satisfaction.  

9      We will be sure to fully explain how your system operates and to answer all of your questions.

10   When you are happy that all is functioning as you would like, we will ask you to sign off to confirm the job is complete and then leave you to enjoy your new HVAC system in comfort.

The day after installation, one or Moore and Russell’s Customer Service Comfort Advisor personnel will get in touch with you to discuss your thoughts on your new equipment, the installation process and the HVAC technicians who came to work for you.

We encourage you to be very candid in your evaluation because even after so many years in the HVAC industry we know there is always room for improvement!

Maintenance and Tune Ups to keep your new HVAC system operating at its peak

Many furnace and HVAC manufacturers and most insurance companies insist on an annual maintenance and safety check-up of your heating and cooling systems to keep your cover and warranties operational.

It is also in the best interests of your HVAC system so that it keeps operating flawlessly and at its peak performance for many years and so that any small issues can be detected and resolved before they turn into catastrophes.

At Moore and Russell we also offer our Home Smart Planned Maintenance Program which entitles you to 10% off scheduled inspection and tune-up costs and a discount on the costs of spare parts and repairs.

Usually, these annual maintenance and tune up visits start at just $149 + HST.

Or to inspect and tune-up both your furnace and your air conditioner/heat pump our prices start at just $243 + HST.

But with the Home Smart Planned Maintenance Program you will save 10% and more if you need replacement parts, so why not plan ahead and schedule your next HVAC maintenance and tune-up visit today and be sure that you will be comfortably warm (or cool!) inside throughout both this year and the next!

If you’d like to find out more about our discounted maintenance and tune-up service please browse through the information included on our Home Smart Planned Maintenance Program page.

If you would like to talk to us about installing a new heating and cooling system in your Langley, Surrey, Fraser Valley or other commercial or residential property in the Vancouver, BC, region, we invite you to telephone us on (604) 526-8155 or contact us by e-mail at info@mrheating.com and we will share with you all we know.

Moore and Russell Heating and Cooling: specialists in installing all makes and models of HVAC systems throughout Langley, Surrey, Fraser Valley and the greater Vancouver metropolitan area.