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HVAC Installation

HVAC Installation in Langley, Surrey and across the Fraser Valley/Vancouver area

At Moore and Russell we like to install Lennox high quality HVAC systems that we know will cut your energy use and save you money.

We have installed many different types of Lennox systems, including

We have been installing HVAC systems throughout the Fraser Valley, West Vancouver and Lower Mainland area since 1963 and as a family-run company now in its third generation we are proud of our excellent local reputation for skilled workmanship and fast and efficient service.

We prefer to install Lennox products because their ultra-efficient, HVAC models all meet or exceed EPA energy savings guidelines – which translates into lower heating and cooling bills for you.

We also know that Lennox systems are built to be durable and will last over time to provide many hours of cost-effective heating and cooling service that will keep you comfortable indoors no matter the weather outside.

However, if you prefer to install another make and model of heating and cooling system we will also be pleased to assist.

To find out more about Moore and Russell’s HVAC installations in the Langley, Surrey, Fraser Valley and West Vancouver area, please phone (604) 526-8155 or send us an e-mail us to info@mrheating.com and we’ll get back to you without delay.

What makes Moore and Russell HVAC installations different from others?

We take great pride in our reputation for excellent advice, top quality workmanship and good old fashioned customer-comes-first service.

When you contact us to discuss installing a new heating and cooling unit we will do everything we can to create a customized system that truly fits your needs and works within your budget.

  • We will make an appointment for one of our Comfort Advisors to make a complimentary in-home visit during which we can see your location and find out exactly what kind of system you are thinking of installing and what you would like it to do.
  • Our installation estimates are always free of charge and without obligation so please don’t hesitate to give us a call even if right now you are only investigating the possibility of installing a new heating and cooling unit!
  • Once you decide on a specific HVAC system we will set up an installation date that is convenient to your schedule and…
  • …arrive in good time on the appointed day to get down to work to install your new heating and cooling equipment in a clean, effective and timely way.
  • Once we’re gone over the installation plan with you one last time to confirm all the details, we’ll put down drop sheets to protect your floor and household contents from installation dust and debris.
  • We do our best to work smartly and to work cleanly because we respect your home and the hard work and expense you have gone to to make it comfortable to live in.
  • On completion we’ll be sure to thoroughly clean up any mess before we leave, so that you can relax and enjoy your newly installed warmth (or cool!).
  • We will also fully test the system in your presence so that you can see how everything operates as intended, and we’ll answer any of your questions about the way your system works.
  • Then, within a day or two of installation, we’ll be giving you a call, just to check that everything is operating properly and to get your feedback on your HVAV installation experience and your opinion of the technicians who came to your home or workplace to carry out the work.

Financing your HVAC Installation

We realize that not everyone necessarily has sufficient means or savings to be able to pay for a new HVAC installation up front. That is why we endorse the SNAP consumer-friendly, financial program that offers you the opportunity to arrange up to 100% financing with no down payment for all your home comfort heating and cooling needs.

The Snap-finance program is confidential and personal and allows you to choose the repayment method that suits you best – perhaps directly from your bank account via low monthly payments or an open loan which you can pay off whenever convenient within the stipulated dates (up to 12 years) without penalty.

Warranties and Guarantees of Excellent Workmanship

All newly installed HVAC systems are fully covered both by the manufacturer’s original warranties and our 3rd party labour warranty to that you can be sure that your investment is protected to the full. In addition, we take great pride in our work and our local reputation and want you to be truly satisfied with the services we provide. We are fully committed to ensuring that your new HVAC system operates fully and effectively as the manufacturer intended.


Remember – our in-home estimates are always free of charge and without obligation.

Wouldn’t you like to find out how much you could potentially save on your annual heating and cooling costs?

Call our knowledgeable sales staff today for more information and answers to all of your questions.

Call (604) 526-8155 or e-mail us at info@mrheating.com.

Moore and Russell Heating and Cooling of Coquitlam, BC – committed to installing cost efficient, energy saving HVAC systems throughout Langley, Surrey, West and Metropolitan Vancouver and across the Fraser Valley.