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Air Conditioning Vancouver

Air Conditioning Vancouver
The summer months are just around the corner again and with them comes the need to cool your home or business efficiently and affordably. To ensure the seamless operation of your AC or HVAC system, call Moore & Russell Heating & Cooling for maintenance. MRHeating’s technicians are experts at maintaining, repairing and installing air conditioning systems in Vancouver homes and businesses
Annual maintenance is the most affordable way to keep your air conditioning system operating from season to season with the lowest risk of a breakdown. Participate in MRHeating’s Home Smart Planned Maintenance Program and you will receive a discount on repair parts. You will also be entitled to the following benefits:
- During the agreement period, you’ll avoid paying after hour rated for emergency service dispatches
- Members are guaranteed that techs will be there within 24 hours of your call, and their dispatch fee will be waived
- You will also receive 5% off on all new equipment installations of heat pumps, furnaces, indoor air quality products and air conditioning systems in Vancouver
A service call is the quickest way to determine if your air conditioning system is up to another Vancouver season of cooling. Your technician can quickly spot any issues, worn components or parts or any part of your system that is not functioning efficiently and make the necessary repairs to ensure that you’ll enjoy seamless cooling throughout the entire summer. 
In the event that you need a new air conditioning system in your Vancouver home, MRHeating can customize a system based on your unique needs and budget. In their 50 years of working in the industry, Moore & Russell’s techs have installed just about every brand name of HVAC system there is on the market. After working on so many brands and types of AC systems they have come to believe that Lennox systems are the most reliable, durable and cost efficient to run, therefore their service techs will recommend the best Lennox system if you should require a new installation.
Whichever make and model you happen to choose, you can be assured that your new system will not only be fully covered by the manufacturer’s warranty but also by the third party labour warranty from MRHeating for your additional protection.
On a more personal level, customers appreciate that MRHeating’s techs are committed to providing the type of exceptional service their valued clients expect from professionals. 
To have your air conditioning system looked at, contact Moore & Russell in Vancouver by calling 604-526-8155 and request a maintenance visit. If the tech finds anything wrong with your system you’ll be provided with all of the options available to you, from repair to new installation or on-going maintenance for continued seamless service from your system.
For more information, please go online to mrheating.com where you’ll find a complete list of services and products available from Moore & Russell Heating & Cooling. Trust the experts locals rely on for affordable service, exceptional workmanship and a wide range of options to meet your budget.
Air Conditioning Vancouver
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Air Conditioning Vancouver Air Conditioning Vancouver

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