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6 Big Mistakes You Might Make When It Comes To Your Air Conditioning System

The air conditioner is an indispensable device in the house, especially during warm seasons when the temperature in thermometers rises to a worrying level. Modern air conditioning units can keep one's house cool, they don’t produce a lot of noise and they don’t consume a lot of energy either. However, in order to enjoy all these benefits and advantages, the air conditioning unit must be kept in a top condition. Here are some of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make with his air conditioner which might prevent him from enjoying these benefits.

Leave it on overnight

This is not really a good idea, regardless of how hot the temperature is outside. If the air conditioning unit is left on overnight, it will consume a lot of power and it will start to deteriorate much faster. As a result, the homeowner doesn’t only have to pay huge energy bills, but he will have to invest money on repairs for his damaged air conditioning unit as well. To prevent this, homeowners must use their air conditioning units scarcely and take advantage of different products which help preserving the coolness inside like insulating window treatments, window tints which deflect the sunlight and UV rays, etc.

Installing the air conditioning unit in a sunny place

In a similar fashion, installing the air conditioning unit in a place where the sunlight is very intense is another big mistake. It is not like the air conditioning unit will get sunburns and develop skin problems, but it will have to work overtime in order to keep itself cool and keep the rest of the house cool as well. Over a long stretch of time, such a mistake can cost the homeowner hundreds of dollars, not to mention that the air conditioning unit will also get damaged after a while.

Not using a programmable thermostat

Modern air conditioners use programmable thermostats these days and this is a useful, energy-saving feature homeowners should take advantage of. Basically, the owner of the house can program the air conditioning unit to turn itself on at a certain temperature whenever he wishes to have coolness in the property. For example, he can set the thermostat to start 60 minutes before arriving home from work and when he gets home, he will enjoy a cool house without paying an increased energy bill. Similarly, the thermostat can be programmed to start early in the morning, so the homeowner enjoys a cool temperature and begin his day on the right foot. If the thermostat is using wisely, it can prolong the life of the air conditioning unit and considerably reduce energy costs in the long run.

Not changing the filters often

If the air conditioning unit is used on a regular basis, the filters should be changed about once a month. These filters can get very dirty after a while and all the impurities gathered in them will prevent correct air flow, not to mention that allergens and bacteria will be blown in the air inside the house too. In order to protect his health and ensure the proper functionality of his air conditioning unit, a homeowner should replace the filters periodically. It is very easy to do this, the homeowner doesn’t need expensive tools and he can prevent major damages to his air conditioner.

Plugging the air conditioning unit in a power outlet where other devices are connected

It is a well-known fact that air conditioning units usually consume more energy in comparison with other devices in the house like a laptop or a coffee machine. Therefore, they should be plugged in their own power socket, separated from other devices. This is basically a safety issue and it will prevent various electrical problems that might arise when the air conditioning unit is turned on.

Not using a power outlet which features surge protection

It is also very important to plug the air conditioning unit in a power outlet that offers surge protection as well, in order to have more peace of mind and prevent damages to this device. Basically, surge protection is very useful in those moments when there is a lighting storm outside or when sudden blackouts occur. The power outlet which is equipped with surge protection will normalize the electrical voltage that can spike during blackouts or lighting storms and as a result, the air conditioning unit will not "fry".

As a last piece of advice, homeowners are advised to schedule periodical maintenance visits when it comes to their air conditioning units. You can do this right now by contacting our company and speaking with one of our specialists. Our professionals are highly trained in air conditioning maintenance and they can keep your device in a top condition, so that not only that you enjoy cool air during hot summer days, but also pay less for your energy bill.