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6 Wonderful Ways You Can Save Money On Heating Bills

Especially during very cold winters, the heating bills can skyrocket and this can be a really big problem for a lot of homeowners all over the world. One can choose between paying less, but having a lower temperature in his house or enjoying a warm property and paying an increased price on the heating bill. Luckily, these days it is possible to stay warm during winters without paying a fortune on house heating. Check out the following tips and tricks and in the long run, you can considerably cut on natural gas or propane use.

Reduce the hot water temperature

Homeowners can save around 8 or even 10 percent on water heating costs if they simply turn the water heater to the regular setting of about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The water will still be quite warm and suitable for showers and so on, but the costs will be reduced overtime. Additionally, the homeowner can turn the temperature setting higher if the dishwasher requires hotter water. One should check the user manual of the dishwasher in order to see what the appropriate water temperature is.

Seal up all the leaks that might cause heat loss

If the house is better insulated, the temperature will remain almost constant indoors and the heating costs can be drastically reduced. To do this, homeowners should check their properties for insulation problems and fix them using caulk. For example, they should verify the doors and windows (places where heat can easily escape), the bathroom, under the kitchen sink and so on. Small gaps can be easily covered by caulk and these repairs can last for a decent amount of time. If the gaps are quite higher, the homeowner should visit the local hardware store in order to find more suitable insulating materials. It is also worth mentioning here that by covering the gaps, homeowner will also prevent pests such as rodent and bugs to enter the house and cause further problems.

Clean or replace furnace filters

This is yet another useful trick homeowners should take advantage of. After a prolonged period of usage, the filters of a furnace can get quite dirty and as a result, this device will have to work harder in order to keep the house warm during winters. Additionally, dirty filters are a serious threat to the health of the homeowner and his family members.

To fix this problem, homeowners should inspect the filters of the furnaces installed in their houses and clean or lubricate them accordingly. If the filters are too dirty, they should simply be replaced with brand new ones. If this operation seems too hard for some, it can be easily done by a professional for an affordable price and the savings on the heating bill can get up to 5%.

Set the thermostat lower

The thermostat shouldn’t be set too high all the times. For example, during those moments when the homeowner is away from the house or he is awake, he can set the thermostat to a comfortable level such as 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the homeowner as well as his family members is advised to wear warm sweaters in order to avoid suffering from cold temperatures. For each degree lowered in the 60 to 70 degree range, the homeowner can save about 5% in heating costs and when the winter is over, these savings will definitely be noticeable.

Take advantage of window treatments that offer insulating properties

Various types of window blinds or curtains feature insulating benefits and they can also reduce the energy costs in the long run. These products help trapping the heat inside during cold winters and they will keep the house warmer with little to no effort. It is worth investing in such products because they can reduce the heating bills with up to 7% every year, not to mention that they are also eye-catching and can improve interior design.

Consider investing in ENERGY STAR products

Old gas appliances, furnaces or water heaters are not as reliable and efficient as the new ones. If the homeowner wants to have more peace of mind and dramatically reduce the amount of money he will spend on house heating then he should think of investing in ENERGY STAR products. Such heating systems are renowned for their energy-saving advantages and they can last for several decades, especially if they are well maintained from time to time.

From all these helpful energy-saving tips and tricks, the most important one refers to servicing your current house heating system like furnace or boiler. If you don’t really feel like inspecting your furnace on your own and change its filters then let our professionals tackle this problem. We offer top quality furnace maintenance services at reduced prices and you will have the assurance that you and your family members won't feel cold in your house during ruthless winters.