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7 Best Tips For Cleaning Your Gas Furnace For Optimal Functioning

Your gas furnace offers you the best protection from terrible cold weather during the winter season and therefore you must keep it in perfect shape to avoid some of the most common furnace problems. One of the greatest problems that can emanate from neglecting good furnace maintenance and cleaning tips is carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, you can end up paying huge electricity bills and the machine can eventually break down serving you for lesser days than you expected.

To keep you from buying a new furnace each winter we have sampled a few tips to keep your gas furnace working at its best. However, before starting on the whole cleaning procedure ensure that the apparatus is powered off and if you notice any gas leaks have a professional cheek it and fix any problems that might be the cause of any fatal accidents.

Clean the filter system regularly

The filter system is an essential part of your gas furnace as it keeps dirt and debris from interfering with the functioning of the system. Clean the filter system regularly in accordance to how often you use it during the winter season. Check if the filter has accumulated dirt and debris spots on a regular basis to ensure its proper functioning. Replace the system if dirt has completely clogged. You can find gas furnace filters at incredibly low prices at local HVAC retail shops. Clean the filters using soap and water and if your furnace is a newer version, buy for it filter packages so you can easily replace clogged filters.

Check your thermostat

Does the air conditioning in the room feel uncomfortable even after you have set the thermostat correctly? Chances are that it may be have problems especially if you have not been using your gas furnace for a relatively long period. Have a technician look at it to ensure that it is working effectively and replace it if necessary.

Clean the blower

Once you are done cleaning the filter system, make your way to the blower assembly. First, you have to ensure your safety first by unplugging the furnace from the power source as well as any gas supply sources. Take out the front panel so you can easily access the blower then remove the fan so you can remove the blower for cleaning.  If need be, it is wise to get rid of the power cord to easily take the fan out. After you have gotten hold of the entire gadget, clean it thoroughly but carefully with a mild detergent, water as well as a tiny brush.

Clean belt pulleys as well as furnace interiors

Another way of ensuring that your gas furnace is clean is by cleaning it belt pulleys as well as interiors.  You can wipe these parts using water and a clean rug. Also, do look out for any wear or tear and see if these parts qualify for a replacement. Remove any dirt buildup in the interiors, on wires together with connectors before you place the fan back in.

Cleaning and repair of furnace ducts

Furnaces ducts are also susceptible to damages and should be repaired and maintained regularly if they are to work perfectly. For the best results, clean those using a vacuum cleaner high powered on a regular basis. When you are done cleaning, ensure that you cover the duct s properly so that air does not leak back into the furnace.

Vent cleaning

Gas furnaces are usually hooked using a venting system.  At times dirt and debris tend to clog this ventilation posing great danger to occupants of a room. After detaching the vent cover, clean the interiors of the vent using a vacuum cleaner.

Fan inspection

Lastly, a serious inspection of your fan on a regular basis is also a sure way of making certain that your gas furnace serves you for more days. During this testing phase, assemble all the components of your gas furnace then run it for a short period. Look out for any irregularities such as a strange smell or sound coming from the system. If you notice any strange thing in the functioning of the system, cut off both the electricity and the gas supply to be safe. If you detect such an issue more than once, have the entire process done by a qualified professional to save you money that you would have otherwise spent on buying spare parts. Do this on a yearly basis and ensure that the components of the fan are checked too.

The bottom line

Maintaining your gas furnace is not challenging in any way, also repairing it is not expensive and chances are you will never have to buy another one if you take good care of it. Adhering to our well-informed tips will ensure that you get the most out of your existing gas furnace.