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8 Serious Warning Signs That Call For Urgent Furnace Repairs

To ensure comfortable indoor air quality you need a reliable heating system.  Such a system must be in a perfect position to heat your home in an energy efficient manner whilst not putting the indoor air quality at risk through overtaxing your indoor oxygen supply.   With this at the back of your mind, it is important to get a wind of some of the serious warning signs that show your furnace require repair as soon as possible.  This is to avoid future inconveniences during the winter where you need your furnace the most.

•    Inefficient heat levels

The furnace is usually powered using a one hundred and twenty (120)-electricity voltage for it to perform optimally. When you put on your furnace and find out that, it is no longer producing any heat then this shows that the appliance has a problem. Do this earlier enough during summer so you are not inconvenienced during the winter season.  Immediately you notice this problem with the furnace consult a professional and have it repaired in good time.

•    The thermostat constantly runs

If you notice that the thermostat constantly runs even when you are not using the furnace, then this is an indication of a serious problem. The thermostat is extremely sensitive to heat and contains switches that regulate the levels of heat and cold in any given room.  In addition, when you manually set your thermostat and you notice no difference in the room temperatures then this is an indication of a possible malfunction in the system perhaps there are leaks. Usually thermostats are cheap and a professional can replace them at a good price. Another possible reason as to why your thermostat can keeps running may be due to bad air seals in the home ensure you seal all possible air loops.

•    Clogged air filters

Usually the furnace removes any debris and dirt from the air during its functioning.  With time the dirt and debris accumulates on the air filters and eventually clog them causing them to work poorly.  You can employ your DIY skills by cleaning the filters yourself or have them removed and cleaned by an expert.

•    Production of an odor

Normally furnaces produce dusty orders every time they are switched on especially when they are old but after you run it for some time the order should disappear.  However, if you notice that the order continues to persist for too long you may want to consider checking it out. This might be an indication of the burning out of the components of the furnace, which can be very dangerous.

•    Family members keep complaining of breathing problems

Another possible sign that furnace is in serious need of repair is an increase in the rate at which your family members experience breathing problems including asthma among other respiratory diseases. If the heating unit is not functioning optimally, it can be exposing your indoor air to dust as well as mould among other irritants that affect your indoor air quality. Other possible signs of poor indoor air quality include constant headaches, irritable eyes and noses as well as nausea.

•    Your electricity bills are skyrocketing

As your furnace gradually loses its efficiency, it starts to use a larger amount of electricity produce the same level of heat as it was before. Definitely, your gas bills as well as electricity bills will skyrocket.  A professional can diagnose the main furnace issue resulting in these crazy electricity bills.

•    The carbon monoxide alarm goes off

Carbon monoxide is a lethal gas that if allowed to circulate freely in the home can be a possible cause of death.  This is the main reason as to why furnaces come with carbon monoxide detectors.  It has to detect the gas in your home since it does not produce any order and therefore the only way you can be aware of its presence is when the furnace detector goes off.  This is also a serious sign that you must have the furnace checked immediately.  Check and see if the pilot light turns yellow instead of blue.  Other possible signs of the existence of carbon monoxide in your home are excess moisture on windows walls among other cold surfaces, excessive rust on pipe connections, as well as appliance jacks, leaks from the chimney base, flue pipe or vents and soot in surrounding areas of your furnace.

•    Production of funny noises

Your furnace should always work quietly but when it starts making all manner of funny noises then there is a problem somewhere.  Strange noises such as banging and screeching are an indication of a possible ignition problem or loose belts within the system. Make sure that you inspect furnaces regularly for such problems. These problems are sometimes because of the furnace aging and sometimes you may be force to buy a new one though regularly maintaining and repairing it greatly increases its lifespan.