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Air Conditioning tips to keep your bills and temperature low this summer!

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As we prepare for the warmer Spring and Summer months in at the lower mainland in BC, some might be worried about the cost of their air-conditioning bills.

We all need the relief of the smouldering heat during these months, so getting rid of your air-conditioning is not the greatest solution. But don't worry! Cutting air-conditioning costs does not have to difficult, annoying, or even an inconvenience.

Here, we have some hassle-free tips and tricks for keeping your energy bills and temperature low. 

1. One temperature does not fit all.

Setting your thermostat and leaving it at that same, low temperature all day is going to run up your air-conditioning bill. If there is no one home during the day, bring the temperature back up. The nights are also a good time to heighten the temperature. When it is colder outside, you will need less cooling inside, so take into consideration the conditions.

2. Consider how much space you really need cooled.

If you're home alone, or if your family is primarily in one area of the home, then consider spot-treating rooms with air conditioning. Instead of wasting money cooling rooms that are not in use, target specific, busy rooms with area specific air conditioners.

3. Keep your air conditioning  system well maintained and have yearly check-ups.

Keeping your air conditioning system in top, pristine condition will ensure that it is working to its' original energy saving capabilities. However, sometimes problems can arise that do not immediately become obvious. Having a trained professional conduct a yearly inspection (this also goes for heating, which can be done at the same time to save time and money) will ensure that there are no inefficiencies that could bump up your bill. As an added touch, keeping the air filter clean will also help your AC's efficiency, thus making it use less energy. Prepare to change your filter every three months for the best performance.

4. Try to use Energy Star products

Energy Star products have a higher standard in terms of efficiency and  energy usage. They require less energy to run and can save you big bucks on your monthly bill!

5. Go green, save green!

The buildup of heat in your home comes from the sun hitting the roof and the windows, which heats the house directly. Keeping lots of plants (preferably leafy trees) around your home will provide shade. Also, having shade over your air conditioner can help to boost efficiency. Both of these methods lower the amount of energy needed to cool your home.

6. Improve air circulation and add cooling methods with house fans.

There is no need to buy big, expensive fans. Buying simple house fans and using them regularly will help circulate air throughout the house. The best method for this is keeping the fans primarily on the top floor of the home and opening windows in the bottom floor. If you do not have multiple floors (such as an apartment), then simple keep windows near the fan closed and open of the farthest windows.