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Andrew's Feedback

I am glad I gave you a call earlier on this afternoon to let you know about your technician, Matt, who came to look at my high efficiency, Lennox furnace. I must also tell you about Kim.

A few days ago I received a call from Kim from Moore and Russell to let me know there was a minor problem with my furnace's pressure switch. I would not have picked up on this had it not been for the way my furnace is connected to your system online. I was glad Kim alerted me to this. I also asked Kim if it would be a good idea to service my furnace. Without putting any pressure on me, Kim explained to me why it would be a good idea to do this as well when I asked her about it. I know there are many businesses out there that will jump at the chance to take your money, but in this case I felt Kim gave me genuine reasons why my furnace should be serviced. I appreciated that.

I told Kim that I have a baby boy at home that can often be woken up by my dog, who will bark incessantly when the doorbell is rung. I asked Kim if I can have the visiting technician call me about 10 minutes before he came so I could settle my dog down. When the technician, Matt, gave me a call he was very pleasant and let me know he would be arriving in 10 minutes. I was lucky my baby was not asleep at this time.

Matt arrived dead on 10 minutes later. As soon as I met Matt at the door, I knew he was very friendly and approachable. My dog will bark a lot too when strangers come to our home. Matt was able to settle my dog down in seconds as he has been around many of them in the past. My dog is like my own kid and I really appreciate when strangers that come to our door are friendly to her.

Many other people that have walked through our door do not take their shoes off. I have had to tell people to remove them several times. Matt took off his shoes as soon as he was in our hallway. Matt also warmly greeted my mother-in-law and son who were in the kitchen. Matt then got right to work and showed me what needed touching up and replacing. He was not hasty in his approach and really did a thorough job. I also liked how Matt pointed out to me how to keep my furnace running the best way possible. I feel I can figure out people pretty quickly and I can honestly say Matt was very genuine, professional in every way, kind, caring and honest. He is definitely an asset to Moore and Russell.