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Checklist for your Next HVAC Inspection

This checklist aims to help you assess reliable and thorough HVAC repair and replacement companies from those who cut corners and whose work is unreliable and incomplete.

Mr.Heating follows all these requirements plus more, does your HVAC company? See what makes a reputable company and fill out this checklist at your next HVAC inspection.

Is the contractor thorough?

Does the contractor conduct a thorough inspection of the HVAC system prior to any work being done? Does the contractor inform you of any and all problems associated with your HVAC system?

What did the contractor clean, if anything?

Did the contractor clean the supply ductwork? Did the contractor clean the return air ductwork? Is the interior free of visible dirt and contaminants? (If applicable) did the contractor check if the fibreglass or lining was in good condition? Did they thoroughly clean the return air grilles, supply air plenum, return air plenum, and supply registers? Were they reset after cleansing?

How did the contractor clean the evaporator coil, drain, and pain?

Ask the contractor which type of cleaning they used- contact vacuum, brush, air wash, or coil cleaning chemicals and water. Check if the coils are visibly clean. If you shine a flashlight on a clean coil, light will peak through. Did your coil pass this test? Are the coils straight and evenly reinstalled? Is the drain clean and working properly?


What about the air filter?

Did the contractor replace the air filter? Did you check to ensure that the filters are a proper fit for your HVAC system? Are they working to their highest efficiency possible?

What to do once the contractor is done.

Ensure that you HVAC system cleaning is complete with the previous steps, and then finally try the HVAC system and make sure it is operating as it normally would.