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Cielo Breez


Product Description
  • Control your air conditioner from anywhere, anytime
  • Full range of local controls on the device enable you to control the air conditioner even without Wi-Fi
  • Temperature sensing at the device —making it easy for you to get the temperature you want
  • Reduce the electricity bills of your home, hotel or any business premises
  • Great option for residential users & hospitality Industry having mini splits, window ACs or even portable ACs


Go global or remain local

Your choice for a perfect air conditioning

Display Interface and local controls of smart AC controller

Initially register the device using your Wi-Fi, afterwards..


Comfy - Set intelligent triggers


Comfy mode lets you set triggers to personalize the operation of your AC. Helps you automatically change your AC settings if room temperature or humidity goes above or falls below a pre-set value. Saves energy with lot of convenience.


Temperature Range Control


Temperature Range Control gives you the flexibility to set temperature range of your choice. Set a minimum and maximum value so that your AC runs within that range. The set range is locked and can only be disabled by the authorized user. Helps in ensuring energy savings especially in hospitality industry.


Placement & Powering Up through 5V Adapter

Breez Plus can be wall mounted or you can simply place it on a table or desk. In both cases, the powering up can done through 5V adapter (enclosed in the Wi-Fi smart controller box)


Placement & Powering Up through Wired Connection

In case of Wall Mounting, you can also power up the device through wired connection options of 24V or 12V (from your existing thermostat wiring).


Away from your home?

Your smart air conditioning is always available to you


cielo home smart ac mobile app

Breez Plus Smart Wi-Fi Controller is designed to maximize your convenience and energy saving potential through its amazing features


Global Control

Control your air conditioners and heat pumps through smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Weekly Scheduling

Geo Fencing

AC Air Filter Status

Zone Control

Usage Statistics

Timeline of Actions

Lower Bills


Create zones for effective air conditioning

HVAC zone controls are ideal for space heating or cooling efficiencies. Multiple Cielo Breez smart controllers can be arranged into separate HVAC zones. Breez Plus offers ideal HVAC zone control options for your home or business.



Smart Air Conditioner Controller works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Home

Control your air conditioner via simple voice commands


Alexa Compatible

Cielo Breez Plus work with Amazon Alexa


cielo breez plus works with amazon alexa

Just refer to Amazon Alexa and say; "Alexa, Power on the Bedroom" and it will be done

Google Home Compatible

Cielo Breez Plus work with the Google Home

control your ac with google home via cielo breez plus

Just refer to the Google Assistant and say; "Hey Google, Power on the Bedroom" and it will be done


Cielo Breez Plus thermostat-like smart AC controller work with all type of air conditioners that have a remote control