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HVAC Maintenance Services in Coquitlam

If you’ve made the investment in an HVAC system, you need to schedule routine preventive maintenance check-ups to ensure your system has a long and healthy life. While it can be tempting to call a furnace or air conditioning specialist only when your HVAC unit isn’t working properly, it’s strongly advised that you have regular maintenance performed for optimal operation. At Moore & Russell Heating, we provide one of the most thorough HVAC inspections for your air conditioning or furnace in the British Columbia area, so take a look at what we have to offer.

Why is regular HVAC system maintenance important?

Preventive maintenance checkups for your air conditioning or furnace unit will ensure a system that runs more efficiently, which, in turn, lowers your utility bills. Dirty or unmaintained units can work up to 20% harder to provide the same amount of cooling or heating as well-maintained units. You’ll also have improved air quality with clean filters and coils, as an HVAC unit without proper maintenance is the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If your HVAC unit is maintained, your system will last much longer. Finally, fewer costly repairs will be required, especially during the chilly British Columbian winters. You’ll be using your heating system or furnace constantly over the winter months. With regular maintenance, you won’t have to worry about a failure and suffer for hours in freezing temperatures just because you’re using your unit more often.

It is recommended that you should have your air conditioning or furnace unit checked by HVAC experts no less than once a year. When you use your HVAC unit more often, such as during the summer or winter months, get the furnace repair experts in more frequently.

Moore & Russell Heating’s thorough tune-up

At Moore & Russell Heating, all our technicians perform a truly thorough furnace checkup to minimize any furnace repairs down the line. Our 23-point inspection and tune-up list covers the following:

•     Test for carbon monoxide in the furnace room and at registers

•     Test the gas pilot safety system

•     Check for combustion/ventilation air supply

•     Test for gas leaks within the furnace downstream of appliance shut-off valve

•     Check for hazardous material

•     Inspect thermostat; clean, if necessary

•     Visually inspect heat exchanger, if accessible

•     Clean and check main burners, if accessible

•     Vacuum burner vestibule

•     Check blower operation

•     Check and adjust condition, tension, and alignment of fan belt and pulleys

•     Check motor and fan condition

•     Lubricate fan and motor bearings, as required

•     Inspect filters or electronic air cleaner; advise customer as to condition

•     Check pilot and clean, if necessary

•     Check electrical controls wiring

•     Examine flue and vent connectors, where visible

•     Test operation of safety limits

•     Check condition of visual portions of vented systems, including exhaust and intake terminals

•     Check operation of ventor blower

•     Test pressure switches

•     Check operation of vent damper, if applicable

•     Test operation of system ignition

•     Check condition of condensate line/pump


Our heat pump and air conditioning inspection and tune-up checklist is below:

•     Test safety controls

•     Test starting capabilities

•     Check electrical connections

•     Check thermostat calibration

•     Inspect filters; advise customer as to condition

•     Monitor refrigerant pressure

•     Measure for correct airflow

•     Measure volts/amps

•     Lubricate moving parts

•     Clean evaporator coil, if accessible

•     Clean condenser coil

•     Clean condensate drains

•     Check and adjust gas pressure

•     Measure temperature difference

•     Monitor A/C and heating cycles


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