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Furnace Cleaning For Substantial Savings in Surrey!

Proper furnace cleaning and regular maintenance can extend the life of your furnace by many years and also increase the energy efficiency of your furnace, saving you money from all ends of the spectrum!

Some Surrey residents might see the phrase “furnace cleaning” and think “What on Earth! Who cleans their furnace?!” This sentiment is an all too common, and it’s costing your furnace many years of use in your Surrey home.

Read the blog below by the professionals at Mr.Heatings and discover how you, too, can make your furnace work with you, while also providing substantial savings!

Furnace and Duct Cleaning

It is wise to invest in a professional duct cleaning by an HVAC expert every few years. This is especially true for those who live in older homes. Dusty, dirty furnace filters and duct registers are the most common culprits for home odors and contaminated home air. Not only that, but unkempt ducts force your furnace to work on overdrive. What does this mean for your home? This extra energy will cost you in the form of your monthly utility bills.

Furthermore, the longer you let dirt and debris settle in your ducts, the harder it will become to remove it. This can end up becoming costly a couple of years down the road, and may warrant a full furnace replacement. Find a reliable HVAC company that has a high customer satisfaction rate, and offers before and after photos so you can truly see the difference.

HVAC Maintenance Plans

Your furnace and HVAC system as a whole is a fragile ecosystem. You will need to ensure that regular maintenance is performed. Small problems, when found quickly and treated early, are easy to fix; however,neglect can turn small problems into much bigger ones. Eradicate this fear completely by following an HVAC maintenance plan! The Mr. Heating HVAC maintenance plan is extensive and thoroughly. Our 25-point inspection includes (but is not limited to): checking for hazardous material, check safety limits and guidelines, test and clean controls, inspect and clean  blower operation, and much, much more.

Time to give your furnace and HVAC system some love! Have any question or enquiries about furnace maintenance and cleaning? Call us today: (604) 526-8155!