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Home Smart Care Plans

Participate in our Home Smart Planned Maintenance Program and you will not only receive a discount on your annual service, you will save 10% on all repair parts during the agreement period. Other benefits of the program include: You will avoid paying after hour rates for emergency service dispatches on evenings and weekends during the agreement period.

Get to front of the line. Home Smart Planned Service members are guaranteed that we will be there within 24hrs of your call or our dispatch fee will be waived. 5% off on all new equipment installation: air conditioning, heat pumps, furnaces, indoor air quality products as well as hot water tanks. We will perform one inspection/tune-up per year per appliance on the maintenance agreement.

Please choose your package solution and complete the form below.


  1. The Homeowner may cancel this Agreement within 10 days from the Enrollment Date without reason.
  2. Your coverage under any of the memberships will be in effect until canceled by either us or by you upon written notice to the other party in accordance with the cancelation terms provided in this Agreement. If you cancel your membership, you will remain liable to us for any outstanding amounts owing on your account. In the event that we cancel this Agreement, our liability will be restricted to a refund, if any, of the unexpired portion of any payments made, and to completing any repairs or parts placements covered by the membership for which you have notified us up to the date of termination of your membership.



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