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Innovative Products

All the components of a Lennox HVAC system work together in this 2010 Lennox TV commercial, Energy Connected. This synergy creates efficiency beyond the sum of its parts. And we tell that story by illustrating the way each component talks to one another, passing along the commands of the icomfort™ Touch Touchscreen Thermostat.

In this commercial, we see the information pass from one component to the next. A rapidly moving energy beam transforms from an icy trail when it connects to the air conditioner to a warm energy blast as it connects
to the furnace to a clear, clean flash that brings the air purifier to life. It then travels to the icomfort Thermostat, which sends a new set of commands out to the HVAC system. The result is a stunning journey into the system and an understanding that because everything works together, everything works more efficiently, showcasing an innovative Lennox product line.