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Repair of Your Heating and Cooling System In Surrey

You might spend hundreds on the comfy leather couches, warm hardwood flooring, or plush carpeting, but these interior amenities are really just decoration if the heating and cooling system in your home is off. Without functional air-conditioning, you might never pry yourself off of that sticky leather couch.

If you live in Surrey and your heating unit is falling apart at the seams, then walking on your fancy flooring will be about as enjoyable as strolling through a snow bank in socks! Heating and cooling systems are crucial when it comes to home comfort, especially during the summer and winter months when outdoor temperatures reach hot and cold extremes.

At some point in time, after many years of running, your heating and cooling system will need to be repaired. However, when faced with costly service fees, long wait times, and unscrupulous workers, many homeowners end up procrastinating on this important maintenance duty.

Fortunately, Mr. Heating is here to make your heating and cooling system repair a breeze. Mr. Heating professionals are located around the Surrey area to minimize your wait time. Our technicians will arrive promptly and fully prepared to repair your heating and cooling system. We pride ourselves on a high level of technical knowledge and industry experience that give us the skills we need to handle any make or model of heating and cooling system. If you are having a hard time finding a qualified repair technician, or lack the time and expertise to handle the job on your own, we can help! Call us at (604) 526 8155 for quick, reliable heating and cooling system repairs in Surrey today!

It is not easy to cope with the expenses of having to repair your HVAC system. It is important when you are considering technicians that you look closely at price, warranty and ensure you are getting the best heating and cooling system repair service in Surrey for your money. You want professionals who will work with you and have a customer satisfaction guarantee. Another thing to focus closely on is whether it is financially worth repairing the system or if you should just replace it altogether.

Ultimately, though, an important point to remember is that neglecting your heating and cooling system is always a mistake; though you may have to spend some money up front to cover the cost of a repair or replacement, you will be saving a considerable amount in the long term.

Heating system

A heating system only needs a yearly service call by a technician who will check the belts, replace the belts if necessary, oil any moving parts and expect the wiring. It is surprising how many homeowners cannot comply with this maintenance schedule; they feel as though this irregular maintenance requirement indicates a lack of importance. Neglecting your annual heating system service can lead to system problems resulting in irregular heating, fire hazards, and excessive energy consumption.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units require a little less maintenance than heating systems. When you first purchase your cooling system you should clean or replace air filters, vacuum out the unit, oil the motor and ensure it is cooling properly, if not it is necessary to have the refrigerant pressure checked. Be sure to comply with this simple maintenance schedule, as neglecting to do so can result in inflated energy bills, and can even contribute to mold growth in the home if condensation and water runoff is not properly managed.

The most common problems with heating systems include:

  • A Complete loss of heat

  • Malfunctioning thermostat

  • Pilot light burnt out

  • Making weird noises

  • Loss of pressure in the system

The most common problems with cooling systems include:

  • System is leaking

  • Does not cool the air

  • Air doesn’t circulate

  • Broken thermostat

When you choose Mr. Heating technicians for your heating and cooling system repairs, our trained personnel will be pleased to assist you right away. We will provide the full details about the pros and cons of any repairs after inspection, leaving no questions unanswered. To contact us for your repairs in Surrey and surrounding areas call (604) 526- 8155 or visit us online to learn more!