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What Is The Relationship Between HVAC Systems And Our Health?

When most people think of HVAC installation, they usually only think of it from a perspective of comfort. Most people who install such units do so to make their homes or offices more comfortable, but there are many other reasons for you to consider getting one. For instance, it is a known fact that they can have an influence on one’s health. Some of the ways in which this is achieved include:

Conditioning the air

Conditioning the air is a process where particles are removed from the air, the temperature of the air is modulated and the amount of moisture in it is regulated. Having just the right amount of moisture in the air is important for a number of reasons. For one, having too much dry air around you can end up causing dehydration. Of course, if you are healthy, you will compensate for this by drinking more fluids. If you have a problem such as an illness, however, this may not be possible. Most of such people end up becoming dehydrated to the point of deteriorating even more. The presence of an air conditioner set just right will reduce this effect.

Having too much dry air also dries the body surfaces that come into contact with it. As you breathe the air, it will draw moisture from the lining of your nose, making it dryer. Since there are many blood vessels in this part of the body, too much dryness could lead to bleeding, and this is why people in dry environments are more likely to have nosebleeds. With an air conditioner, the air is moisturized to such a degree that this is avoided.

In addition to pulmonary issues, this will also affect one’s skin. If your skin is constantly exposed to very dry air, it is likely to develop cosmetic problems, and will also be at risk of other pathologies including eczema. Making sure that you are exposed to conditioned air is just one of the ways of keeping your skin more beautiful.

It removes solid particles from the air

Most heaters and air conditioners these days come with filters that will get rid of all the particulate matter from the air. The latter tends to cause respiratory disease especially if it turns out to be contagious or can induce an inflammatory reaction. For instance, if you have mold in the home, some of the spores could float around in the air. If one of your household members inhaled them, they could end up suffering from fungal lung disease, which is normally very difficult to treat.

When you have a high quality air conditioner or heater in the home, it will get rid of most of such particles, making the air much safer for everyone to breathe. This will also reduce the cost of medical care associated with this.

Temperature regulation

Human beings are usually very fickle when it comes to ambient temperature. We can only tolerate variations of temperature to a certain degree, past which a number of medical problems may arise. For instance, when one is exposed to too much cold air during the winter, they are likely to develop respiratory problems. In addition to that, it is also apparent that when the temperature is not ideal, most people will find it very difficult to concentrate on what they are doing, and this will result in poor performance at work or at school. The installation of a HVAC system is an effective way of preventing such problems.

Are there negative health effects of using HVAC systems?

Ideally, there should be no negative effects associated with using such systems. However, if it turns out that the system is not well taken care of or is too old, it could end up having negative health consequences. For instance, the supply of contaminated water to an air conditioning unit could result in the spread of harmful bacteria from the air conditioner through the air to people who will then inhale it. This can be avoided by making sure that the air conditioners used have potent filters, and that the water supply to the air conditioner is reliable.

As you can see, there are many health consequences associated with the use of HVAC systems. One thing is for sure: you are likely to be much healthier if you use a high quality and well calibrated HVAC system in your home. In addition to the above medical benefits, other things you stand to benefit from include lower stress levels, a better sense of wellbeing and enhanced performance at school and at work.

All these effects will contribute to you having a much better quality of life, something that most people struggle to get. It also goes to show that though it might seem initially expensive to install such a system, you will definitely save a lot of money in the long term if you do so.