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What To Know About High Efficiency Furnaces

There comes a time in every furnace or heating system's life when it is time to let go. What once was a heating machine, is now a dated, slightly warming machine.It can be replaced with an equal version of itself, or it can be replaced with a high efficiency furnace.

So, what exactly is a high efficiency furnace?

A high efficiency furnace possesses a numerous amount of benefits that an average, standard furnace does not. There are many components of a high efficiency furnace which aid in differentiating it from a typical heating system such as:

  • Electronic heating-Making the furnace turn on only when needed, allowing more energy efficiency.

  • Two stage heating and variable speed blowing- This makes for much more convenience when heating your home. The two stage heating allows for an increase or decrease in heat depending on the detectable temperature. A variable speed blower conserves energy by switching speeds of airflow depending on the airflow needed in the home.

  • Second heat exchange- Allowing for a furnace to perform more efficiently with less fuel

  • Sealed combustion- Sealed combustion furnaces suck in air from the outside instead of using already circulating in your home.

Benefits of High Efficiency Furnace Heating

There are numerous benefits to having a high efficiency furnace as opposed to a standard model. Some of these benefits consist of:

  • Converting a higher amount of energy from gas to heat

  • Being environmentally friendly

  • Higher efficiency when it comes to heating your entire home

  • Higher AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)

  • Lower annual cost

High Efficiency Furnace variables and pricing

When looking to purchase a high efficiency furnace, one must be prepared to checkout some specific components.  One big variable being the size of your home versus the size of the furnace. The size of your home can determine many factors when looking into furnace efficiency, such as the airflow circulation, the heat distribution, the way noise is carried through the home and the total cost it can take to heat the entire structure.  

Often times a manual calculation, or heat loss calculation is performed to ensure the size of the furnace will be a perfect fit for your home. These calculations take into consideration the size, design, and specific construction factors associated with your home. This process helps to protect the home from heat loss and allows for a more efficient heating system.

Cost of a High Efficiency Furnace

It is said that you cannot pay minimally for maximum benefit.

This holds true when it comes to high efficiency furnace systems. A good high efficiency furnace can cost upwards of $3000.00. This can be specific to just the equipment, as an installation and sometimes delivery charge, are not included.

This may seem like a daunting number, but it is shown that by switching to a high efficiency furnace, regular households have saved enough money to nearly break-even on the purchase and have cut their utility bills in half. With the help of Moore & Russell's SNAP system, a fast, and affordable financing program is available. The costs are payable throughout a twelve year period to allow for flexible financing.